Spasulance ODF… is the most advanced solid dosage form contains simethicone as a postage stamp-like strip of thin polymeric film formulated to disintegrate almost instantaneously when placed onto the tongue

The Formula of Success

  • Spasulance ODF Relieves symptoms of excess gas as bloating, pressure and fullness.
  • Spasulance ODF More flexibility & comfort.
  • Spasulance ODF Improved efficacy of API .
  • Spasulance ODF Dissolution and disintegration within 1 minute in oral cavity after the contact with less saliva as compared to fast dissolving tablets, without chewing .
  • Spasulance ODF No need of water for administration .

Indication (7)

  1. Spasulance ODF : Antigas relieves.
  2. Spasulance ODF : For the relief of gas fast, pressure, bloating, and fullness commonly referred to as gas.
  3. Spasulance ODF : It is used as antifoaming agent during gastroscopy to enhance visualization & prior to radiography of the bowel to reduce gas shadows.

Dosage & administration


• Adults, elderly and children over 12 years

• 1-2 ODF to dissolve on tongue 4 times daily as needed after meals and at bedtime