Melacryst… The first Melatonin ODF in the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industry

The Formula of Success

  • MELACRYST ODF Has been shown to be a safe and effective method to improve sleep onset latency, duration and quality.
  • MELACRYST ODF Was effective in improving global Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) score and sleep latency.
  • MELACRYST ODF Produced a statistically significant improvement in sleep efficiency and wake time after sleep onset was shorter. Sleep latency decreased.
  • MELACRYST ODF Mimicking natural response to endogenous Melatonin.
  • MELACRYST ODF faster onset of action due to higher bioavailability than any other exogenous form.
  • MELACRYST ODF Naturally occurring sleeping aid.
  • MELACRYST ODF No rebound, withdrawal or 'hangover' effects.
  • MELACRYST ODF No CNS depressing action.
  • MELACRYST ODF Non-addictive, Non-scheduled, without abuse potential.
  • MELACRYST ODF Easy administration and No water needed.


  1. Insomnia treatment
  2. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder improvement
  3. has no fat, no cholesterol and no calories.
  4. Benzodiazepines withdrawal in elderly with insomnia

Dosage & administration

 Ondalenz…Instruction of use

Dosage & administration

1 - 2 ODF before natural sleeping time 30 min.