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A Next-Generation Approach To Mineral Nutrition“

  • The Rational behind mineral chelation has, from a historical perspective , been a simple one; Increases bioavailability while minimizing uncomfortable side effects often associated with mineral supplementation.

Why Chelation ?

  • In general terms, a chelate is a mineral embedded in a ‘matrix’ of small chains of amino acids called ‘peptides’. Research has shown that your body is well equipped to recognize and absorb these peptides.

  • A mineral chelate is a mineral that is ‘held’ in place chemically, until it can be released at just the right time for absorption by your system.

Chelation Provides Two Key Functions:

  • First: It prevents the formation of insoluble mineral precipitates that are of limited nutritional value.

  • Secondly and more importantly, the mineral is carried to sites of maximal absorption along with the amino acids themselves.

  • The result is a mineral nutrient that has enhanced ‘bioavailabilty’ with the added benefit of being gentle on the body, unlike the harsh inorganic mineral salts used in many nutritional supplements.