Nercafix … On The Run Alertness ، Promotes Mental Alertness& Physical Performance

The Formula of Success

  • Nercafix ODF helps to promote alertness, wakefulness and to enhance cognitive performance.
  • Nercafix ODF helps to relieve fatigue, to promote endurance and to enhance motor performance.
  • Nercafix ODF is the well-established widely used ergogenic aid, through its performance enhancing effects.
  • Nercafix ODF helps to promote & support mental sharpness.
  • Nercafix ODF dissolves in few seconds and gives its effect in few minutes.
  • Nercafix ODF is portable, taken anywhere, anytime, no water needed.


  1. Temporarily promote mental alertness and wakefulness and to enhance cognitive performance, endurance,reduce fatigue ,enhance physical performance., and concentration.
  2. Nercafix acts as central nervous system (CNS) stimulant.
  3. Nercafix has no fat, no cholesterol and no calories.

Dosage & administration

 Ondalenz…Instruction of use

Dosage & administration

Dissolve films on the tongue when needed. Do NOT exceed 24 film per day