Ondalenz …Ondansetron 4-8 mg
Making Hard Times Easier


Ondalenz provides trusted ondansetron efficacy in a thin film strip that dissolves in seconds.


  • Ondalenz Provides easy, comfortable and effective relief of emesis.
  • Ondalenz Selective 5-HT3 receptor antagonist is a potent anti-emetic drug.
  • Ondalenz Treatment option that offers patient friendly administration.
  • Ondalenz Fast disintegration in the oral cavity, without the need for water or chewing.
  • Ondalenz Potential rapid onset of action.
  • Ondalenz Potential reduction of adverse GI events.
  • Ondalenz Stable, durable and portable.
  • Ondalenz Ensures full-dose delivery.


Ondalenz is indicated in ”

  1. Ondalenz 8mg: Is a highly potent anti-emetic drug that is effective in preventing/treatment of CINV, RINV and PONV* with a very low risk of adverse effects
  2. Ondalenz 4mg: pediatric gastroenteritis (gastroenteritis – vomiting)
    Oral ondansetron therapy, as a single dose for paediatric gastroenteritis, is effective in reducing the frequency of vomiting, IV fluid administration & hospital admission.
    • CINV : Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting .
    • RINV: Radiotherapy induced nausea and vomiting .
    • PONV: Post-Operative nausea ana vomiting.

Dosage & administration


 Ondalenz…8 mg
 Ondalenz…4 mg

Dosage & administration

 Ondalenz…Instruction of use  Ondalenz…Instruction of use  Ondalenz…Instruction of use

 Ondalenz…4 mg  Ondalenz…8 mg


Carton box containing 5 oral soluble films.


To be stored at temperature not exceeding 30o c,
in dry place.