Long lasting pleasure UP TO


  • TADANERFI 20mg Provides easy & rapid restoration of sexual spontaneity .
  • TADANERFI 20mg Provides accurate dose with ensured efficacy.
  • TADANERFI 20mg Has exceptional safety profile.
  • TADANERFI 20mg Is not affected by food or drink.
  • TADANERFI 20mg Is excellent for geriatric & dysphagic patients with swallowing difficulties.
  • TADANERFI 20mg Is a take away medicine, Taken anywhere, anytime “No Water Needed“
  • TADANERFI 20mg Is the only Tadalafil ODF product in Egypt.
  • TADANERFI 20mg melts in the mouth in seconds, no water needed.
  • TADANERFI 20mg respects privacy and confidentiality.
  • TADANERFI 20mg has versatility of doses and regimen.
  • TADANERFI 20mg has long-lasting effect up to 36 hours.


  1. For management of Erectile dysfunction
  2. Allows for natural & spontaneous response to sexual stimulation due to its effect that lasts for 36 hours per intake

Dosage & administration

Dosage & administration

Method of ODF administration

  • Gently peel both parts of the pouch apart at the arrow mark.
  • Hold the film with dry fingers.
  • Place the film on the tongue and allow to dissolve.